Chosen: Season 5

Slayer Diaries 6:

Episode One: Buffy Vs. Dracula/Judgement:

Episode Two: Real Me/Are You Now or Have You Ever Been:

Episode Three: The Replacement/First Impressions:

Episode Four: Out of My Mind/Untouched:

Episode Five: No Place Like Home/Dear Boy:

Episode Six: Family/Guise Will Be Guise:

Episode Seven: Fool For Love/Darla:

Episode Eight:  Shadow/The Shroud of Rahmon:

Episode Nine: Listening to Fear/The Trial:

Episode Ten: Into The Woods/Reunion:

Episode Eleven: Triangle/Redefinition:

Episode Twelve: Checkpoint/Blood  Money:

Episode Thirteen: Blood Ties/Happy Anniversary:

Episode Fourteen: Crush/The Thin Dead Line:

Episode Fifteen: I Was Made to Love You/Reprise:

Episode Sixteen: The Body/Epiphany:

Episode Seventeen: Forever/Disharmony:

Episode Eighteen: Intervention/Dead End:

Episode Nineteen: Tough Love/Belonging:

Episode Twenty: Spiral/Over The Rainbow:

Episode Twenty-One: Weight of the World/Through The Looking Glass:

Episode Twenty-Two: The Gift/There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb:




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