Chosen: Season 6

Penultimate Season of Buffy. We are in for a wild ride!

Slayer Diaries 7:

Episode One: Heartthrob/That Vision Thing:

Episode Two: Bargaining Part 1 & 2:

Episode Three: After Life/That Old Gang Of Mine:

Episode Four: Flooded/Carpe Noctem:

Episode Five: Life Serial/Fredless:

Episode Seven: All The Way/Billy:

Episode Eight: Once More With Feeling/Offspring:

Episode Nine: Tabula Rasa/Quickening:

Episode Ten: Smashed/Lullaby:

Episode Eleven: Wrecked/Dad:

Episode Twelve: Gone/Birthday:

Episode Thirteen: Double Meat Palace/Provider:

Episode Fourteen: Dead Things/Waiting in The Wings:

Episode Fifteen: Older and Far Away/Couplet:

Episode Sixteen: As You Were/Sleep Tight:

Episode Seventeen: Normal Again/Forgiving:

Episode Eighteen: Entropy/Double or Nothing:

Episode Nineteen: Seeing Red/The Price:

Episode Twenty: Villains/A New World:

Episode Twenty-One: Two To Go/Benediction:

Episode Twenty-Two: Grave/Tomorrow:







Chosen: Season 5

Slayer Diaries 6:

Episode One: Buffy Vs. Dracula/Judgement:

Episode Two: Real Me/Are You Now or Have You Ever Been:

Episode Three: The Replacement/First Impressions:

Episode Four: Out of My Mind/Untouched:

Episode Five: No Place Like Home/Dear Boy:

Episode Six: Family/Guise Will Be Guise:

Episode Seven: Fool For Love/Darla:

Episode Eight:  Shadow/The Shroud of Rahmon:

Episode Nine: Listening to Fear/The Trial:

Episode Ten: Into The Woods/Reunion:

Episode Eleven: Triangle/Redefinition:

Episode Twelve: Checkpoint/Blood  Money:

Episode Thirteen: Blood Ties/Happy Anniversary:

Episode Fourteen: Crush/The Thin Dead Line:

Episode Fifteen: I Was Made to Love You/Reprise:

Episode Sixteen: The Body/Epiphany:

Episode Seventeen: Forever/Disharmony:

Episode Eighteen: Intervention/Dead End:

Episode Nineteen: Tough Love/Belonging:

Episode Twenty: Spiral/Over The Rainbow:

Episode Twenty-One: Weight of the World/Through The Looking Glass:

Episode Twenty-Two: The Gift/There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb:




Chosen: Season 3

The Slayer and the Watcher are back and ready to dive in to Season 3 of Buffy.

Slayer Diaries 4:

Episode One: Anne/Dead Man’s Party:

Episode Two: Faith, Hope and Trick/Beauty and The Beasts:

Episode Three: Homecoming/Band Candy:

Episode Four: Revelations/Lover’s Walk:

Episode Five: The Wish/Amends:

Episode Six: Gingerbread/Helpless:

Episode Seven: The Zeppo/Bad Girls

Episode Eight: Consequences/Doppelganger:

Episode Nine: Enemies/Earshot:

Episode Ten: Choices/The Prom:

Episode 11: Graduation Day Part 1 & 2:

Chosen: Season 2

Marissa and Mel return for season 2 of Buffy.

Episode 1: When She Was Bad/Some Assembly Required

Episode 2: School Hard/Inca Mummy Girl

Episode 3: Reptile Boy/Halloween

Episode 4: Lie to Me/The Dark Age

Episode 5: What’s My Line Part 1 & 2

Slayer Diaries One:

Episode 6: Ted/Bad Eggs

Episode 7: Surprise/Innocence

Slayer Diaries Two:

Episode 8: Phases/Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered:

Episode 9: Passion/Killed by Death:

Episode 10: I Only Have Eyes for You/Go Fish:

Episode 11: Becoming Part 1 & 2:

Slayer Diaries 3:










Chosen: Out of My Mind & Untouched

Spike and Harmony are a team and out to free Spike of his chip. Marissa was so excited to think that her prediction was going right. Penny for Marissa’s thoughts? Jokes, we do this for free.

In Angel Marissa was on the right path as well. She is getting good at this.

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Real Me & Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?

iconsmallerThe sudden appearance of Dawn has shooken Marissa. Where did she come from? Why is everyone acting like she has always been there? Has she always been there? Has Marissa just failed to notice her? I mean, according to Marissa you CAN’T just retcon a little sister in the mix.

Meanwhile L.A. is becoming a lot more interesting to Marissa as she begins to enjoy Angel. We took a nice walk down memory lane joining Angel in the 1950s, a time where he shunned human contact but had his pesky soul tugging him towards the light.


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Chosen: Buffy Vs Dracula / Judgement

Here we are! Marissa has arrived at Season 5 of Buffy and while she enjoyed this episode I think she was left confused (I know she was) and frustrated.

On the Angel front, she is appeased by the mere fact it is not season 1.

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