Chosen: Season 6

Penultimate Season of Buffy. We are in for a wild ride!

Slayer Diaries 7:

Episode One: Heartthrob/That Vision Thing:

Episode Two: Bargaining Part 1 & 2:

Episode Three: After Life/That Old Gang Of Mine:

Episode Four: Flooded/Carpe Noctem:

Episode Five: Life Serial/Fredless:

Episode Seven: All The Way/Billy:

Episode Eight: Once More With Feeling/Offspring:

Episode Nine: Tabula Rasa/Quickening:

Episode Ten: Smashed/Lullaby:

Episode Eleven: Wrecked/Dad:

Episode Twelve: Gone/Birthday:

Episode Thirteen: Double Meat Palace/Provider:

Episode Fourteen: Dead Things/Waiting in The Wings:

Episode Fifteen: Older and Far Away/Couplet:

Episode Sixteen: As You Were/Sleep Tight:

Episode Seventeen: Normal Again/Forgiving:

Episode Eighteen: Entropy/Double or Nothing:

Episode Nineteen: Seeing Red/The Price:

Episode Twenty: Villains/A New World:

Episode Twenty-One: Two To Go/Benediction:

Episode Twenty-Two: Grave/Tomorrow:







Chosen: Season 5

Slayer Diaries 6:

Episode One: Buffy Vs. Dracula/Judgement:

Episode Two: Real Me/Are You Now or Have You Ever Been:

Episode Three: The Replacement/First Impressions:

Episode Four: Out of My Mind/Untouched:

Episode Five: No Place Like Home/Dear Boy:

Episode Six: Family/Guise Will Be Guise:

Episode Seven: Fool For Love/Darla:

Episode Eight:  Shadow/The Shroud of Rahmon:

Episode Nine: Listening to Fear/The Trial:

Episode Ten: Into The Woods/Reunion:

Episode Eleven: Triangle/Redefinition:

Episode Twelve: Checkpoint/Blood  Money:

Episode Thirteen: Blood Ties/Happy Anniversary:

Episode Fourteen: Crush/The Thin Dead Line:

Episode Fifteen: I Was Made to Love You/Reprise:

Episode Sixteen: The Body/Epiphany:

Episode Seventeen: Forever/Disharmony:

Episode Eighteen: Intervention/Dead End:

Episode Nineteen: Tough Love/Belonging:

Episode Twenty: Spiral/Over The Rainbow:

Episode Twenty-One: Weight of the World/Through The Looking Glass:

Episode Twenty-Two: The Gift/There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb:




Chosen: Season 4

Things change as the episodes are split between Buffy and Angel. It is observed how different the tones in the two shows are. Marissa is not totally sold on Angel.

Slayer Diaries 5:

Episode one: The Freshman/City Of:

Episode Two: Living Conditions/Lonely Hearts:

Episode Three: The Harsh Light of Day/In The Dark

Episode Four: Fear, Itself/I Fall to Pieces:

Episode Five: Beer Bad/Rm W/a View:

Episode Six: Wild At Heart/Sense & Sensitivity:

Episode Seven: The Initiative/The Bachelor Party:

Episode Eight: Pangs/I Will Remember You:

Episode Nine: Something Blue/Hero:

Episode Ten: Hush/Parting Gifts:

Episode Eleven: Doomed/Somnambulist:

Episode Twelve: A New Man/Expecting:

Episode Thirteen: The I in Team/She:

Episode Fourteen: Goodbye Iowa/I’ve Got You Under My Skin:

Episode Fifteen: This Year’s Girl/The Prodigal:

Episode Sixteen: Who Are you?/The Ring:

Episode Seventeen: Superstar/Eternity:

Episode Eighteen: Where the Wild Things Are/Five by Five:

Episode Nineteen: New Moon Rising/Sanctuary:

Episode Twenty: The Yoko Factor/War Zone:

Episode Twenty-One: Primeval/Blind Date:

Episode Twenty-Two: Restless/To Shanshu in L.A:













Chosen: Season 3

The Slayer and the Watcher are back and ready to dive in to Season 3 of Buffy.

Slayer Diaries 4:

Episode One: Anne/Dead Man’s Party:

Episode Two: Faith, Hope and Trick/Beauty and The Beasts:

Episode Three: Homecoming/Band Candy:

Episode Four: Revelations/Lover’s Walk:

Episode Five: The Wish/Amends:

Episode Six: Gingerbread/Helpless:

Episode Seven: The Zeppo/Bad Girls

Episode Eight: Consequences/Doppelganger:

Episode Nine: Enemies/Earshot:

Episode Ten: Choices/The Prom:

Episode 11: Graduation Day Part 1 & 2:

Chosen: Season 2

Marissa and Mel return for season 2 of Buffy.

Episode 1: When She Was Bad/Some Assembly Required

Episode 2: School Hard/Inca Mummy Girl

Episode 3: Reptile Boy/Halloween

Episode 4: Lie to Me/The Dark Age

Episode 5: What’s My Line Part 1 & 2

Slayer Diaries One:

Episode 6: Ted/Bad Eggs

Episode 7: Surprise/Innocence

Slayer Diaries Two:

Episode 8: Phases/Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered:

Episode 9: Passion/Killed by Death:

Episode 10: I Only Have Eyes for You/Go Fish:

Episode 11: Becoming Part 1 & 2:

Slayer Diaries 3:










Chosen: Season 1

Below is the entirety of the first season of Chosen.

Marissa has never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mel is a huge fan and has been for many years. Together they embark on a journey to watch Buffy (and eventually Angel).



Episode one: Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest

Episode two: Witch/Teacher’s Pet

Episode Three: Never Kill a Boy on The First Date/The Pack

Episode Four: Angel/I Robot,You Jane

Episode Five: The Puppet Show/Nightmares

Episode Six: Out Of Mind, Out of Sight/Prophecy Girl

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Monday Night Raw #284, November 2nd, 1998


Changes are on the horizon in this episode of the Triple ThreatCast. The Rock find himself out as the number 1 contender for the WWF title, while Vince creates a whole new title just for Mankind while also punishing the Stooges to try and get them to change their lackadaisical ways. Also, Marissa makes a special podcast announcement. All that and much more on episode 39 of the Triple ThreatCast.

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Monday Night Raw #283, October 26th, 1998


On this edition of the Triple ThreatCast, Mel has hopped the metaphorical bus on the Road to WrestleMania as she enjoyed last week’s Royal Rumble, and she does a first for her Sixpack Shoutout after 37 previous episodes! Marissa is not a fan of the randomness of the matches for our Attitude Era Raw or of Sable’s mic skills. Finally, Kevin is confused as to why an I Quit match did not end with somebody saying those words… All that and so much more on episode 38 of the Triple ThreatCast!

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Monday Night Raw #282, October 19th, 1998


On this edition of the Triple ThreatCast, we throw out a few possibilities for surprise Royal Rumble entrants and back on our Attitude Era Raw, a day after being fired Austin’s all about that hunting lifestyle and declares it to be McMahon season. Speaking of Vince, he also announces that we will finally crown a new WWF champion for realz at the Survivor Series which will feature a 16-man tournament. All that plus a special treat for those of you that wish to listen through the end theme music of the show on episode 37 of the Triple ThreatCast!

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WWF Judgment Day: In Your House, October 18th, 1998

judgment day

On this edition of the Triple ThreatCast it’s PPV time. WWF Judgment Day has arrived and there is a lot of judging going around. Austin is essentially judging the WWF title match, Mankind is judging Ken Shamrock’s wrestling ability, Ken Shamrock is judging the official decision of his match with Mankind, Marissa and Mel are judging Kevin on just about everything and Kevin is judging judging things just for judgment’s sake. Two big things to be decided here, though. Does Austin get fired and does Mel retain the TTC championship belt? All that plus email on episode 36 of the Triple ThreatCast!

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