Chosen: Season 4

Things change as the episodes are split between Buffy and Angel. It is observed how different the tones in the two shows are. Marissa is not totally sold on Angel.

Slayer Diaries 5:

Episode one: The Freshman/City Of:

Episode Two: Living Conditions/Lonely Hearts:

Episode Three: The Harsh Light of Day/In The Dark

Episode Four: Fear, Itself/I Fall to Pieces:

Episode Five: Beer Bad/Rm W/a View:

Episode Six: Wild At Heart/Sense & Sensitivity:

Episode Seven: The Initiative/The Bachelor Party:

Episode Eight: Pangs/I Will Remember You:

Episode Nine: Something Blue/Hero:

Episode Ten: Hush/Parting Gifts:

Episode Eleven: Doomed/Somnambulist:

Episode Twelve: A New Man/Expecting:

Episode Thirteen: The I in Team/She:

Episode Fourteen: Goodbye Iowa/I’ve Got You Under My Skin:

Episode Fifteen: This Year’s Girl/The Prodigal:

Episode Sixteen: Who Are you?/The Ring:

Episode Seventeen: Superstar/Eternity:

Episode Eighteen: Where the Wild Things Are/Five by Five:

Episode Nineteen: New Moon Rising/Sanctuary:

Episode Twenty: The Yoko Factor/War Zone:

Episode Twenty-One: Primeval/Blind Date:

Episode Twenty-Two: Restless/To Shanshu in L.A:













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