Chosen: Season 6

Penultimate Season of Buffy. We are in for a wild ride!

Slayer Diaries 7:

Episode One: Heartthrob/That Vision Thing:

Episode Two: Bargaining Part 1 & 2:

Episode Three: After Life/That Old Gang Of Mine:

Episode Four: Flooded/Carpe Noctem:

Episode Five: Life Serial/Fredless:

Episode Seven: All The Way/Billy:

Episode Eight: Once More With Feeling/Offspring:

Episode Nine: Tabula Rasa/Quickening:

Episode Ten: Smashed/Lullaby:

Episode Eleven: Wrecked/Dad:

Episode Twelve: Gone/Birthday:

Episode Thirteen: Double Meat Palace/Provider:

Episode Fourteen: Dead Things/Waiting in The Wings:

Episode Fifteen: Older and Far Away/Couplet:

Episode Sixteen: As You Were/Sleep Tight:

Episode Seventeen: Normal Again/Forgiving:

Episode Eighteen: Entropy/Double or Nothing:

Episode Nineteen: Seeing Red/The Price:

Episode Twenty: Villains/A New World:

Episode Twenty-One: Two To Go/Benediction:

Episode Twenty-Two: Grave/Tomorrow:







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