Monday Night Raw #278, September 21st, 1998

VinceRockMankindShamOn this edition of the Triple ThreatCast, we return after a one week absence as Marissa returns from her trip abroad to see Mel in Australia! Mass confusion as the episode begins and we find out that the parts of JR and the King will be played by Shane O’Mac and Jim Cornette! Also, Mel learns about the XFL, which we are still a couple of years away from in the watch through, but has been resurrected in the present day; Al Snow may never make Marissa’s six-pack shoutout, but might he make her top 3 for the first time? And Kevin talks way too much about Andy Kaufman. All that, plus your email (this does not apply if your name is not Brian) on episode 31 of the Triple ThreatCast!


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