WWF SummerSlam, August, 30th, 1998


On this PPV edition of the Triple ThreatCast, Kevin returns to the show but appears to have left his jokes in Vegas. We’ve got a huge ladder match (okay, so the ladders are pretty normal sized, but the match is pretty big) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship between Triple H and The Rock, Stone Cold defends the WWF Championship against the Dead Man and Mankind even tries his hand at defending the WWF World Tag Team Titles against the New Age Outlaws all by his lonely self. But the biggest battle of them all is over who will win the TTC predictions title! Much like Edge, Mel is undefeated (though, unlike Edge, she hasn’t broken anybody’s neck…yet). Can Marissa finally break through and win her first championship? All that, much more, plus email, on episode 27 of the Triple ThreatCast!







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