Monday Night Raw #271, August 3rd, 1998

RockShookOn this edition of the Triple ThreatCast, we continue our arduous journey toward SummerSlam. Austin & Undertaker defend their tag titles against The Rock & Owen Hart in the main event. Are Austin & Undertaker bros? A key clue as to the answer to this was completely missed during the recording session. Since it’s supposed to be bros before hoes, and the Godfather was on the show before the main event, does this mean that they aren’t bros? Or, since they were in the ring for a promo before the Godfather’s match, does that mean that they are bros? This is all very confusing. Also, Marissa says she should be Triple H because she’s got the hair, Mel thinks she looks like Chyna and Kevin is Paul Bearer’s twin at this point. All that and a whole lot more, plus emails, on episode 23 of the Triple ThreatCast!



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