WWF King of the Ring PPV, June 28th, 1998


It’s time for the King of the Ring PPV which means it’s time for a Triple ThreatCast supershow! Superfan Josh, from the Tales from Godric’s Hollow podcast, joins Kevin, Marissa and Mel to discuss this pivotal PPV of the early Attitude Era. The gang discusses the King of the Ring tourney, now down to Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Jeff Jarrett and The Rock. Who will take home the prestigious title this year? Mel decides Paul Bearer should join Tennessee Lee on her list of managers she doesn’t care for. Marissa lets the expletives fly when the main event result comes in. Josh discusses watching this PPV live and Kevin recalls having to go to something called a video store and rent it on something he called a VHS. He’s probably making these words up. Will Marissa end Mel’s PPV predictions streak? Catch all that and much more on episode 16, a very special edition of the Triple ThreatCast!










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