Monday Night Raw #265, June 22nd, 1998

KotR1998-1On this episode of the Triple ThreatCast, we are 6 days away from the King of the Ring PPV as we try to narrow down the final four competitors for that illustrious crown. We look back at the loss of some key figures this past week, one as a prominent figure from WWF history and the other as a figure we see during our Attitude Era watch through. Marissa has adapted to the bizarre musings of Al Snow while Mel still doesn’t care for him, the team likens Kane’s habit of tilting his head back to “speak” to a Pez Dispenser, The Undertaker makes a house call, and Steve Austin decides to show up for the last 10 minutes of the show. All that and emails on episode 15 of the Triple ThreatCast!













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